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Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is an advisory group to the Parish Priest. The PPC acts in a delegated manner to assist the Parish Priest in the daily organisation and management of the parish. It comprises elected members and representative members from each of the 5 key areas of leadership in the parish.


The Council (Or PPC) usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month.


Suggestions are always welcome – please contact a member of the PPC and/or place a note in the suggestion box in the porch.

The terms of reference for the Parish Council can be found here.

Father Anthony

Parish Priest

Anastasia Lungu-Mulenga

Pillar Leader - Human Resources

Steve Deadman

Elected Member

Mary Gobbi - Chair

Pillar Leader - Worship

Adrian Steblecki

Pillar Leader - Estates

Liz Bellamy

Elected Member

David Deadman - Vice Chair

Elected member


Pillar Leader - Finance

Terry Butler

Elected Member

Gini Piccinino

Pillar Leader - Pastoral

Millicent Vincent-Ketta

Elected Member

Maria Maddocks

Elected Member

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