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Leadership Team

Parish Priest

This area includes:

Overall responsibility for the team

Fr Antony Gatt


This area includes:

St Vincent de Paul (SVP), Bereavement, Welcome and new parishioners, Visiting (not sacramental), Poor and needy in the community, social justice in the community, social groups, Liaison with other groups and agencies, Hospitality

Gino Piccinino


This area includes:

Sacramental preparation, cataechesis and development, Liturgies and worship, Music, Link with schools and university, Hall bookings on Holy Days, Sundays etec, Booking of church, Decoration of Church for liturgies, Flowers, Sacristans, Altar Servers

Mary Gobbi


This area includes:

Budget, Audits, Gift Aid, related Diocesan admin, Parish and local admin, Fundraising, Wills & covenants, Oversight of book keeping

Vacant Position

Human Resources

This area includes:

Safeguarding & GDPR, Personnel & Pay, Admin oversight, Diocesan admin, Parish and local admin, Appraisals of paid staff, Recruitment & Selection, Wellbeing of the Parish Priest

Anastasia Lungu-Mulenga


This area includes:

Health & Safety, Grounds and garden, Presbytery, Church, Hall and outbuildings, oversight of cleaner, Off site activities, repository, Procedures for Hall booking

Adrian Steblecki

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