The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871.

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My dear Friends,

Welcome to Immaculate Conception Faith Community website! It is a joy to welcome you! We are a dynamic, multi cultural, Catholic Faith Community with a rich diversity of ethnicities, cultures and religious traditions.

We strive to be a discerning, inclusive Faith Community, truly blessed with St. Paul’s Variety of Gifts, and flavoured with humankind’s sprinkling of weaknesses!

The wide spectrum of people’s needs within a Faith Community empowers it to give birth to the ministries to respond to those needs. Thomas Groome describes this celebration in a fivefold schema which we try to embody as a Faith Community

  • A Welcoming Community (Koinonia): to be an inclusive community of faith, hope and love; a truly ‘catholic’ community which welcomes all with a fundamental equality and mutuality, and invites each one’s gifts in shared mission as members of the Body of Christ.

  • A Word of God Faith Community (Kerygma): to preach and evangelise, and to teach (Didache) God’s word in Jesus and about Jesus recounted in the New Testament; the word of God encountered in the Hebrew Scriptures; and, the ‘word of God’ mediated through Christian tradition.

  • A Worshipping Community (Leitourgia): to publically worship God as an assembly of Christian Faith, celebrating God’s covenant with humanity through Jesus Christ, and the universal hope of salvation for all humankind.

  • A Community of Welfare (Diakonia): to care for human needs – spiritual, psychological and physical – helping to build God’s reign of peace and justice at every level of human existence, personal and social, with special favour for ‘the poor’ and the disadvantaged.

  • A Witnessing Community (Matruria): to bear credible public witness to Christian faith through lifestyle and example, living as a sacrament – as an effective sign – of its own preaching.

  • (Groome, Thomas, Educating for Life, ThomasMore, Allen, Texas, 1998, p. 211)


Who was it that said: “Aim for the stars and you might hit a lamppost”? Well, as a loving Faith Community, this what we are striving to do. Come and join us!

Love, Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Antony