My dear Friends,

Welcome to Immaculate Conception Faith Community website! It is a joy to welcome you! We are a dynamic, multi cultural, Catholic Faith Community with a rich diversity of ethnicities, cultures and religious traditions.

We strive to be a discerning, inclusive Faith Community, truly blessed with St. Paul’s Variety of Gifts, and flavoured with humankind’s sprinkling of weaknesses!

The wide spectrum of people’s needs within a Faith Community empowers it to give birth to the ministries to respond to those needs. Thomas Groome describes this celebration in a fivefold schema which we try to embody as a Faith Community

  • A Welcoming Community (Koinonia): to be an inclusive community of faith, hope and love; a truly ‘catholic’ community which welcomes all with a fundamental equality and mutuality, and invites each one’s gifts in shared mission as members of the Body of Christ.

  • A Word of God Faith Community (Kerygma): to preach and evangelise, and to teach (Didache) God’s word in Jesus and about Jesus recounted in the New Testament; the word of God encountered in the Hebrew Scriptures; and, the ‘word of God’ mediated through Christian tradition.

  • A Worshipping Community (Leitourgia): to publically worship God as an assembly of Christian Faith, celebrating God’s covenant with humanity through Jesus Christ, and the universal hope of salvation for all humankind.

  • A Community of Welfare (Diakonia): to care for human needs – spiritual, psychological and physical – helping to build God’s reign of peace and justice at every level of human existence, personal and social, with special favour for ‘the poor’ and the disadvantaged.

  • A Witnessing Community (Matruria): to bear credible public witness to Christian faith through lifestyle and example, living as a sacrament – as an effective sign – of its own preaching.

  • (Groome, Thomas, Educating for Life, ThomasMore, Allen, Texas, 1998, p. 211)


Who was it that said: “Aim for the stars and you might hit a lamppost”? Well, as a loving Faith Community, this what we are striving to do. Come and join us!

Love, Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Antony

The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871.

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