Reflection for the Third Sunday of Lent

My dear Friends

This Sunday’s gospel is both very interesting and challenging! The challenges are captured in the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. A number of issues are confronted and addressed (i) the centuries/millennial old SamaritanJewish debate about authentic location of worship; and, (ii) Jesus as the Living Water, as opposed the stale cistern water. 

John Pilch states. “Jesus not only talks with the woman, but in a carefully orchestrated, seven-part dialogue (each speaks seven times) he guides her progressively from ignorance to enlightenment, from misunderstanding to clearer understanding. She is the most carefully and intensely catechized person in this entire Gospel!”. 

I remember in one of our Mission Stations, we had a deep, long and wide cistern to collect rainwater in the “Rainy Season” to use during the three months of “Dry Season”. By the end of the Dry Season, the remaining water was indeed stale and smelly! I guess one of the great challenges for all of us is to ensure the flow of that love, joy, hope, forgiveness compassion, healing and justice have their source in Jesus, the Living Water of our spiritual, and active lives! If the words and actions flow from the stale cistern water within…. 

During Lent, in the Church Hall, on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 p.m., we are having a prayerful exploration of gospels. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the source of that Living Water…and replace the stale water within our sometimes sealed, cisterns. I feel certain that you will find these sessions of scriptural exploration helpful in your own spiritual, ministerial journeys.

 Love, Peace and Blessings, 

Fr. Antony

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