Reflection for Easter Sunday 2020

My dear Friends:

Well, I am sure that you have never before experienced an Easter quite like this one! A blessed Easter to you, your families and friends! If you are a visitor to our website family, you are now a MOST welcome member of our Faith Family! Should you ever be in Southampton, the door is always open to you in welcome!

The Easter Triduum, from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, is a Life Journey. Many of us here, and in multiple countries around the world, amid the challenges of this pandemic, are living out on a daily basis. The pain, suffering, and loneliness of Christ’s Passion are replicated in so many of our lives, in so many different ways, by so many multitudes of people.

This pandemic has rocked our ‘stable’ and ‘routine’ worlds to their foundations. Lockdown, isolation and observing social distance. The grinding inability to hop on a bus or train; or walk into a café for a coffee; or sit around a table in a restaurant with family and friends; or order a drink in the pub, reveal a world and freedoms we had too often taken for granted!

The social isolation often unfolds relational challenges with our significant others, no matter how much we may love them. There are times when we experience waves of hurt, misunderstanding and isolation. Globally, too, there are millions of refugees displaced by war and conflict, who have seen their personal worlds destroyed, their personal histories, cultures and traditions swept away, feeling abandoned and Stateless…This is the via crucis being experienced, very poignantly, during the Lent of 2010.

But on this Easter Day, amid all of the above, a LIGHT has dawned… It is a LIGHT, a vibrant, radiant beacon of HOPE, embodied in the Risen Christ. As we open our hearts to him, He dispels that darkness, heals that woundedness, restores that strength, vision and enthusiasm for life. From the challenges of the past few weeks, He leads us into a renewed awareness and understanding of our lives, our relationships and our world. The stones, which have often entombed us within our own self-preoccupation, have been indeed rolled back.

These experiences have opened our eyes to how the global family is dependent upon, and needs, one another. We have witnessed, in our country, communities, and world, myriad acts of selfless heroism, boundless generosity, fathomless compassion and great love.

In the experiences and challenges of this pandemic, many of us have walked the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross). However, just as these challenges and experiences have sometimes taken us into the tomb with Jesus, so, too, as the Risen Lord, He will create a resurrection within the very core of our being. As I said in our talks during the Triduum, this can be a time for growth, change and transformation. This Easter Day is a virtual resurrection and restoration before the ‘real thing’!

My dear friends, may the Risen Lord embrace you with His love. May He give you a renewed Spirit within you. May He bless you, and embrace you with his Love, Hope, Healing, Courage and Strength.

A blessed and joy-filled Easter to you all.

Love, Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Antony

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