Reflection for Corpus Christi Sunday

My dear Friends:

I will be waiting here....

For your silence to break,

For your soul to shake,

 For your love to wake! 

A voice inside the beat says,

"I know you're tired,  but come.

This is the way.”  


Today we are celebrating the beautiful feast of Corpus Christi/Body of Christ. Throughout this week I have reflected on the unfolding of the gospel message in Christ’s Real Presence, the Eucharist, the Mystical Body of Christ, ministries, and vital tenets of faith embodied in words like transubstantiation…and yet… and yet…for me, they did not quite capture the piercing beauty,  and awe-filled intimacy of Christ’s message of passionate love for each one of us. 

The feast of Corpus Christi, expressed graphically in the gospel, is God’s fusion into oneness with us in the Eucharist. Each one of us is held in God’s loving embrace until we are fused into one breath, one heartbeat, one soul, one body. Fused into oneness with that passionate love of God, we are the connectivity, and relationality, of the Body of Christ!  In this pandemic, look at the multitudes of First Responders/First Liners who connected with the pain, fear, hurt and isolation of that suffering body, and touched it with healing, compassion, self-sacrifice, courage, and hope. Think of the countless people who knocked on doors, delivered mail, telephoned, sent messages, and myriad other acts of selfless love, kindness, and generosity to express to our connectedness and relatedness to those of living in isolation.

How can I express our inner yearning for that fusion with Christ in the Eucharist? Think of the person whom you really love. The person in whose arms you want to be held. The person you really want to hold and hug!...And instead of being able to throw your arms around that person (and I do not mean that polite, quick, clinical embrace with a pat on the back), you have to give a polite smile and keep social distance!  It is not quite the same, is it! I think many of us experience the same with our ‘spiritual communion’ instead of the physical and spiritual union we receive in our (holy) communion with the Divine!

As I said at the beginning……God is waiting. That embrace is there! He holds us in that embrace in which, indeed, we become one breath, one heartbeat, one soul and one body. This, we experience in God’s ‘Eucharistic Embrace’, the love from He which flows into our responses to the often, suffering Body. It is then, whatever pain or suffering, challenges, or hardships we meet, we will realise, like Rumi, that the rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns!

You know on reflection, a 44-year anniversary seems like a lifetime! I did not think I was that old. I certainly didn’t imagine then, that 44 years later in the middle of a pandemic, I would be saying a virtual mass alone!!

Remember me as loving you,

Fr. Antony

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