Reflection - for Sunday 17th November

My dear Friends:


Well, the readings today are certainly interesting! Not quite gloom and doom… however…I have an image of some of us looking at the news, reflecting on the devastating floods, raging infernos in parts of Australia and California; compounded by the global conflicts and mass migrations; the unravelling, political scenarios, and a host of other disasters, there just might be the temptation to interpret and apply these apocalyptic to the present day!


Throughout the history of humankind, there have always been wars, battles, with one nation trying to dominate and exploit the other. Christians, and other minorities, have been persecuted and killed for centuries.  To a large extent, each and every one of us in his/her individual lifetime, in his/her own generation witnesses and experiences the ‘end of time’! As the theologian, Fr. Kavanagh S.J., states: Each human being faces the end of the world in the span of a life, whether it reach eight minutes or eighty years. The world, its opportunities and losses, passes away for us each night. Every sunset announces a closing of a day that will never come again…


However, Christ’s redemptive love is like the dawn of a new day and new beginning. We are should not to be overly concerned. God’s protective arms are around us; his love will sustain us, and fill us with the necessary courage and strength to face every challenge and obstacle which life may hurl at us.


Love, Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Antony

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