My dear Friends:

I wish you and your loved ones a truly blessed and joyful Easter.


This icon is packed with the symbolism of the Resurrection. The image reveals Jesus freeing us, and those from ancient times, from the tomb.  However, throughout our lifetimes, it is so easy to become entombed in emotional pain, spiritual and psychological woundedness, resentment, bitterness and anger. It is then that Jesus, in His role as Divine Physician and Divine Healer, can enter the dank chill and darkness of what has bound and entombed us; embrace us with his love and healing; and lead us into God’s Love, Light, Joy and Peace.


May this Easter Season be a true experience of every facet of the Resurrection.


Once again, have a Blessed and Joyful Easter.


Love, Peace and Joy,
Fr. Antony

The parish is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth. Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust registered charity 246871.

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